Gelişim Logistics again preferred Renault Trucks T 480 tow trucks

19 Ağustos 2021
Gelişim Logistics again preferred Renault Trucks T 480 tow trucks

Gelişim International Logistics continues its purchases with Renault Trucks T 480 tow trucks.

Gelişim International Logistics, which has different configurations of Renault Trucks T series tow trucks in its fleet, continues its purchases with Renault Trucks T 480 tow trucks.

Gelişim Logistics, which started to give service with the Italian line in 2003 and also serves on European lines, especially Italy, has purchased a total of 15 Renault Trucks tow trucks in the past year and a half. Gelişim Logistics, which has received the last 5 vehicles, preferred Renault Trucks T480 tow trucks in its new purchases.

The new vehicles were delivered to Hamza İneci, Chairman of the Gelişim International Logistics Board, and Abdurrahman İneci by Koçaslanlar Automotive Hadımköy Branch Manager Ahmet Sezer and Sales Manager Tayfun Fıçıcı.
Hamza İneci, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Development International Logistics, who stated that they mainly transport automotive, spare parts, and textiles, said that: “For nearly 20 years, we have had the chance to experience many vehicles in our fleet. We have continued our investments with Renault Trucks in recent years. Both the performance of the vehicles and our satisfaction with their after-sales services are effective in our choice.”

We are very satisfied with high efficiency and performance

Gelişim Logistics fleet includes many different Renault Trucks T tow truck models such as Renault Trucks T460, T520, low cab, high cab. Hamza İneci stated that they have been comparing other vehicles in their fleets with the same load and road conditions for a long time: “We are particularly pleased with the balance of efficiency and performance of Renault Trucks T480 tow trucks. Due to the high performance of the vehicles, driver comfort, the efficiency of the team, low fault frequency, and the advantages of appropriate service services, we also consider the ideal total cost of ownership.”

Drivers’ choice is also important

Abdurrahman İneci stated that working with qualified drivers has become a challenge and therefore they also prioritize the comfort and safety of the driver. He stated that drivers are experiencing difficulties due to the measures and difficulties in particular in the pandemic process: “The satisfaction of experienced and qualified drivers with vehicles is very important for us. Therefore, taking into account their preferences, we made the decision to purchase Renault Trucks T480 tow trucks.”

It benefits from Renault Trucks Financial Services in its investments

Gelişim Logistics makes its purchases with Renault Trucks Financial Services in Renault Trucks vehicle investments. Gelişim prefers RTFS solutions because of interest rates, payment options, and one-stop fast solutions.

Koçaslanlar Automotive INC. Chairman Mahmut Koçaslan said in a statement regarding the delivery: “We would like to thank Gelişim Logistics, which also prefers Renault Trucks and Koçaslanlar Automotive, with its satisfaction with the performance of the vehicles, sales, and after-sales services. We offer our after-sales services to Gelişim Logistics, which adds strength to its power by adding Renault Trucks T480 tow trucks to the car park, in our Orhanlı and Hadımköy branches in Istanbul, as well as in our Kocaeli and Bursa branches with maximum benefit. We provide them with more profitability by minimizing the immobility times of their commercial vehicles with our fast service services. After all, we actually offer our customers not only our vehicles but also our services.”

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