Otokar will produce domestic metrobuses for IETT auction

9 Eylül 2021
Otokar will produce domestic metrobuses for IETT auction

The contract stage was reached in the 100-unit Metrobus procurement tender opened by İETT General Directorate.

An invitation letter was sent to Otokar, the best bidder for the auction. Otokar, which offers high-level comfort and safety in public transportation to millions of passengers in more than 50 countries with its modern buses, will produce a 21-meter long Metrobus with a capacity of 200 passengers for Istanbul residents. As per the contract to be signed in the next 10 days, Otokar will also provide after-sales service to İETT for 3 years.

An invitation letter was sent to Otokar, Turkey’s leading bus manufacturer, one of the Koç Community companies, to the contract of the 100-unit Metrobus tender opened by İETT General Directorate. Otokar, which has been preferred by many metropolitan municipalities in Turkey in recent years and countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Romania in Europe, announced that it will produce national design and domestic production metrobuses to offer a high level of comfort in Istanbul’s public transportation. The new vehicle, which has a total value of TL 606 million and is the subject of the contract to be signed within 10 days, was announced as KENT XL. Otokar will also provide after-sales service to İETT for 3 years for KENT XL, which is 21 meters long and has a capacity of 200 passengers. Deliveries are scheduled to be completed in batches in 2022.

New metrobus special to Istanbul from Turkish engineers”

Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç, whose views are included in the statement, pointed out that Otokar, which has global experience in public transportation, has a unique experience in Istanbul, where it has been serving for many years, and said, “Since 2012, more than 1000 city buses have been successfully operated under IETT. It provides service and carries Istanbulites. As Turkey’s bus manufacturer, we know the conditions, roads and difficulties in public transportation of the mega city Istanbul very well, and we know the seven hills of Istanbul very well. We are aware of the responsibility to be taken in Istanbul’s public transportation. We have reflected this experience in our product development efforts. In this direction, we have developed the 21-meter metrobus version of KENT, which provides safe service to millions of passengers every day in Turkey and all over the world.” used the phrases.

“We aim to raise standards in transportation”

Görgüç stated that the national design and domestic production metrobuses designed by Turkish engineers and produced by Turkish workers were developed to maximize the comfort of urban travel that would suit Istanbul residents.

As Otokar, we are proud to serve IETT once again. Within the scope of the tenders we have won in the past, we have provided after-sales service to our vehicles within IETT for 5 years; We also contributed to the reduction of operating costs. Thanks to the infrastructure established at that time, the rate of putting the buses into service was 99 percent, even when periodic maintenance is included. In other words, KENT buses went to their services regularly every day without any disruption at that time and continued to serve our citizens without interruption. Even today, this rate is much higher than the average of Europe and even the world… Serving in a metropolis like Istanbul is a great reference for all domestic manufacturers; It increases the competitive power of Turkish companies abroad. Istanbul has become our greatest reference, which we proudly describe as an example of success in many tenders in Europe. We are happy to be assigned by IETT to serve Istanbul again. We have developed the most ideal metrobus for Istanbul conditions. We will always be with Istanbul for the after-sales services of our vehicles, which we aim to raise the standards in transportation.”

High carrying capacity, easy boarding and landing

Otokar’s new vehicle KENT XL, which is 21 meters long and has a capacity of 200 passengers, will meet the increasing public transportation needs of metropolitan areas with its features, offering comfortable, safe travel to millions of passengers in more than 50 countries of the world with its innovative buses. Kent XL, developed with the accumulation obtained with kent buses used in urban transportation globally and Turkey, will start a new era in public transportation with its high performance, durability, low fuel consumption, high level of safety and comfort. The vehicle, which has wide, safe, and outward doors that allow passengers to get on and off the Metrobus quickly, will also eliminate obstacles in public transportation with its stepless design and easily accessible seats. KENT XL promises a high level of enjoyment in urban public transportation with its high ceiling structure, spacious interior volume, and strong air conditioning. The vehicle also makes a difference with its high heat and sound insulation.

KENT XL offers high engine power and torque with its new generation applications. The Super Eco drive mode in the vehicle optimizes gear shift intervals and reduces fuel consumption. Developed by considering the ramp, road structure, and weather conditions in different cities, KENT XL is equipped with warning systems that scan its surroundings, detect pedestrians and bicycles, detect blind spots and warn the driver in case of danger. The independent 4th axle not only offers high passenger capacity and large interior volume to the KENT XL. KENT XL’s low turning radius is achieved with the 4th axle structure with steering independent suspension and high maneuverability is provided in line with the road route of the BRT line. KENT XL also offers high safety with the electronic bellows management system, which prevents skidding during turning and automatically limits the power and torque of the engine.

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