The key to the new Polish transit system is in the DKV

26 Ağustos 2021
The key to the new Polish transit system is in the DKV

Poland will start using the new electronic transit system from 1 October.

DKV offers two special solutions to international shippers to avoid problems during the transition to the new system.  Shippers can obtain a special pass box from DKV to Poland or they can also pass through Poland cashless and easily with the DKV Box Europe, which provides the convenience of a single box in Europe.

Customers of DKV Mobility, Europe’s leading provider of mobility services, will be able to pay tolls without the need for cash in the new e-PASS system in Poland.  Transporters can register via DKV Mobility to use the new electronic transit system, which will officially start on 1 October in Poland.

DKV Mobility offers its customers two options.  The first of these is to have a pass box in the vehicle that can be used throughout Poland.  The second option is to activate the new service by adding the DKV BOX EUROPE box to the existing box, which provides ease of transit with a single box in Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal and Spain in Europe.

“We are pleased to offer a definitive transition solution to each of our customers, also in Poland.”  Jérôme Lejeune, Managing Director of DKV Mobility Tolls, said: “This means we have reached another important milestone and are able to create even more value for our customers throughout their journey in Poland.”

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