The pandemic has created a burst of demand in warehouses

19 Ağustos 2021
The pandemic has created a burst of demand in warehouses

Students’ demand for storage of belongings increased by 72 percent!

Distance education, which entered our lives in the pandemic, affected many sectors. University students studying outside the city turned to warehouses instead of houses rents. Depo Palas CEO Ulaş Gümüşoğlu said: “Students’ demand for storage has increased by 72 percent”.

University students, who had to continue their higher education remotely due to the epidemic, found the remedy in the storage to get rid of the rent.

Students who prefer to keep their belongings in warehouses until the day they return to school have also started a significant increase in demand in the storage sector. “The demand for storage of belongings increased by about 114 percent during the pandemic. Students who locked their belongings in warehouses until they were reunited with their schools were the biggest beneficiaries of this increase. Depo Palas CEO Ulaş Gümüşoğlu said: “Students’ demand for storage increased by 72 percent”.

Ulaş Gümüşoğlu, who said that until now, warehouses have been requested for the storage of home or office items mostly due to reasons such as appointment or going abroad, “This year, we encountered a very rare scene and university students became our customers. University students would often buy their belongings from auctions so that it would be more economical, and when they finished school and graduated, they would sell these items and return to their hometowns. This year, however, the situation was very different. Especially in big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, where rental prices are increasing day by day, warehouses have been the savior of students who continue their education from distance.”

Be careful about the warehouse selection
He advised those who want to receive this service not to be victims: “It is very important to make a complete contract before delivering the items, to keep this contract throughout the rental service, and to ensure that an insured service is received. At the same time, it is necessary to see the physical conditions of the warehouse to be rented in place and to look at details such as humidity, ambient temperature, camera system, adequate space, hygiene. As Depo Palas, we want our experts to see the items, prepare an appraisal report, and create an offer after contacting the claimants. Then we set a transport day and carry out the whole process with expert personnel, from packing items to loading them into the vehicle and transporting them to locked warehouses. We serve with rooms in the appropriate architecture for the storage needs of household belongings of all volumes with the warehouse room system, which we have signed a first in Turkey. We allow more items to be stored with these rooms, which are separated in height from rental containers with the same volume.”


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