Usage of Ro-Ro  increased by 47 percent in international freight transport

24 Ağustos 2021
Usage of Ro-Ro  increased by 47 percent in international freight transport

Pandemic-related problems in international freight transport have significantly increased combined freight transport and usage of Ro-Ro.

According to Maritime Statistics from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ro-Ro transport increased by 47.3 percent in the first half of the year. Sarp Intermodal CEO Onur Talay, who makes about 90 percent of his transports Ro-Ro oriented, stated that the share of intermodal transportation, which has increased in importance during the pandemic period, will increase even more thanks to the Ro-Ro lines.

The logistics sector continues to ensure the smooth flow of international trade and supply chain through alternative routes during the pandemic period. In this process, the use of combined freight transport (intermodal transportation) and Ro-Ro in international freight transportation came to the fore.

According to The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (UAB) maritime statistics, the number of trucks, truck tankers, trailers, tow trucks, and freight wagons transported on regular Ro-Ro lines increased by 47.3 percent in January-June 2021 compared to the same period last year and increased to 314,343.

Onur Talay, CEO of Sarp Intermodal, the first company in Turkey to focus on intermodal transportation, stated that Ro-Ro and intermodal solutions will become more important in Turkey’s international freight transportation, which is surrounded by water on its three sides. Talay emphasized that delivery times have also become competitive by land while reminding that there are long queues at the road customs gates to Europe from time to time.

“We make 90 percent of our transports Ro-Ro-oriented”

Talay said, “Intermodal transportation and Ro-Ro transportation provide significant advantages not only against pandemic-related obstacles but also against problems such as ‘transit pass’ in some countries. As Sarp Intermodal, we carry out approximately 90 percent of our total transports with a focus on Ro-Ro transportation integrated into the road and railway.”

“The obstacles caused by the pandemic have been overcome thanks to Ro-Ro”

Talay said, “We, as Sarp Intermodal, have used Ro-Ro lines more in our transportations especially for European countries in line with the demands of our customers. Ro-Ro services provided great convenience to our importers and exporters on the lines where more than one border gate is crossed by land.” while stating that logistics companies engaged in international transportation need Ro-Ro flights more than ever to overcome pandemic-related obstacles.

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