Waiting period at Kapıkule Border Gate troubles the export

7 Ekim 2021
Waiting period at Kapıkule Border Gate troubles the export

UTIKAD  calls for the authorities regarding to the extension of waiting period at  Kapikule.

Association  of International Transportation and Logistics Service Producers (UTİKAD), recalls for  the authorities regarding to the extension of waiting period at  Kapikule.

Aysem Ulusoy, Chairman of the Board of UTIKAD, stated that exports increased with the decrease of pandemic restrictions, yet the waiting period at the border gates puts the sector in a difficult situation.

Aysem Ulusoy stated  that there is more than one reason for the long queues at the border gates,  “The main problem in the recent period is that other countries, rather than Turkey, are slowing down the work.“ said. Although Turkey has made more investment on transition, the Bulgarian side did not make any improvements in return. In order for the improvements  made on the Turkish side of the border gate to be efficient, the coordinated work of Kapikule and Kapitan Andreevo Border Gates should be ensured.  Otherwise, the improvements made on the Turkish side are insufficient to serve the purpose; Although we increased our vehicle operation capacity, coordination with the Bulgarian side should be ensured.” she said.

Aysem Ulusoy stated that the congestion at the European border gates will increase and the waiting times at the gates are expected to be prolonged due to the increasing demand for highway “ In order to overcome this congestion and reduce waiting period, the number of registration offices at border gates should be increased. According to the latest information we have received, only two registration offices operate on the Turkish side.The reason for this is that only two registration offices operate on the Bulgarian side. That’s why the period of transition is  getting longer. We have five registration offices where we are supposed  to exit normally, but sadly, it is not possible to operate. We cannot find any officials in the Bulgarian authorities.” she said.

Aysem Ulusoy stated that Kapikule Border Gate has a key importance in Turkey’s exports to European countries,   “ UTIKAD contributed to the work carried out in previous years within the scope of the Kapikule Action Plan created by the R.T Ministry of Commerce., we submitted our report, which includes our suggestions to overcome the bottleneck experienced at the Kapikule Border Gate, to the Bulgarian Association of Transportation Works  in 2020.  Vehicle queues in Kapikule mean unfavorable conditions for drivers. While waiting period which takes for days hampers our country to take advantage of its vehicle fleet of the highest order,  the increased freight prices therefore reduce the competitiveness of our exporters in foreign markets. The vehicle queue problem in Kapikule is not only a problem of the logistics sector, but also a problem that closely concerns the foreign traders of our country. For this reason, we hope that the problem will be resolved immediately” she said.


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