Qualified people in the logistics sector is needed

19 Ağustos 2021
Qualified people in the logistics sector is needed

It is stated that career opportunities are very high while trained manpower is needed in the logistics sector.

The preference period continues. Some of the college candidates still haven’t decided what they’re going to study. Logistics programs, which are especially important with the pandemic, promise a good future for their graduates with the job opportunities they offer. While the industry needs manpower, career opportunities are very high.

Its importance is increasing in Turkey

Sinan Yavuz, General Manager of Jetizz, Aras Holding‘s company that focuses on e-commerce shipments, who provides information about the logistics sector, said that, “The importance of the logistics sector is increasing in Turkey, where the growth potential is quite high. In our country, where the export target of 500 billion dollars is discussed in 2023, logistics is one of the most important sectors to achieve this goal. The logistics sector, which has developed rapidly in recent years, is of great importance both in terms of its growth potential and the main role turkey will play in achieving many economic goals.

The worldwide volume of logistics services, including transportation, storage, packaging, customs clearance, and access to the final consumer, is increasing. Turkey has logistics infrastructure and high potential with its manpower potential, convenient geographical location and relatively affordable cost structure.”

Sinan Yavuz, General Manager of Jetizz.

The employment ratio is high

Stating that approximately 1 million 500 thousand people are employed in the logistics sector in Turkey, together with the sub-sectors, Yavuz continued as follows, “Logistics is one of the sectors that need the most trained manpower in terms of potential. When we look at the future role of the logistics sector; We see that graduates who can speak a foreign language, have practical intelligence, creative logistics or various engineering departments are in high demand. Employed employees are mainly assigned to operations and departments/projects for Research and Development. Another important position is Occupational Health and Safety and Quality System experts. Logistics operations are extremely vulnerable to occupational accidents and are obliged to comply with the rules regulated by laws and regulations, especially compliance with health and food quality standards. Such expertise is needed in order to carry out these applications in a healthy way in operations. As in many other sectors, it is difficult to reach a trained workforce in the logistics sector. For this reason, many visionary logistics companies show more interest in new graduate and internship programs than in previous years.”

They can make a career out of it

Pointing out that creative and practical-minded employees, who have newly graduated from the logistics company, have at least one good level of foreign language knowledge, have the chance to get a title faster compared to other sectors, Yavuz continued, “Another important issue is the necessity to keep up with the digital world. The logistics sector has to gain a little more speed when compared to other sectors in this regard. This need also increases the demand for personnel in IT issues. Another important positions are the need for blue-collar executives. Today, many blue-collar high schools or university graduates. In case of both the need to train blue-collar executives and the need to fill other positions in operations, internal candidates will still need to have the competencies I mentioned before.In this context, I sincerely recommend our candidates to choose the logistics sector, which has great advantages in terms of business capacity and employment.”

There’s a lot of department options

Stating that there are many programs on logistics in universities, Yavuz said, “There are departments in the 4-year departments of universities that blend logistics, transportation, and logistics; international trade and logistics, international logistics, as well as departments that are specialized in a part of the sector such as civil air transportation management and marine transportation business engineering.
The associate degree includes logistics, sea and port management, civil aviation transportation management, civil aviation cabin services, railway (rail management) departments. The most preferred departments in the logistics sector are graduates of logistics, industrial engineering, and business departments.”

How are the business opportunities?
Yavuz, who also provides information about business opportunities in the field of logistics, said: “Graduates can work in the logistics department of any corporate company with all kinds of logistics provider companies. Examples include airports and terminals, free zones, foreign trade activity, insurance, financing, auditing, third-party logistics service providers, land, air, sea, railway, and transportation companies. There are hundreds of subfields and an expanding field of activity with their scope within the sector growing in a complex structure.”

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