Helmet Broker produces solutions for logistics sector with Qiro business model

19 Ağustos 2021
Helmet Broker produces solutions for logistics sector with Qiro business model

Helmet Broker produces Qiro business model solutions for all players of the logistics sector.

Helmet Sigorta and Reasürans Inc., which has offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa and operates all over Turkey, is an insurance and reinsurance broker.

It closely follows the reinsurance and insurance markets abroad and offers current developments to its customers. The company makes a positive contribution to the business continuity of its customers by adopting the principle of creating added value to its customers with the customer understanding it puts at its center.

Galip A. Gökakın, General Manager of Helmet Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerlik Inc., said by evaluating the values they add to the sectors: “We save time and cost by using high technology in our sector. We closely follow the technological developments in the world apart from our own software. We produce various engineering activities and related insurance solutions through the high-tech platform in this context. In addition, we closely follow the business processes of our customers and develop alternative solution methods and business models.”

Gökakın said: “We are always with our customers and the business world with insurance and engineering products against the changing and diversifying risks of their customers due to the changing conditions of the business world and increasing competition conditions.”
In addition, Gökakın stated that they are very good with technology: “It is necessary to examine the technology very well. We use business models where technology brings cost and time savings as a result. We develop business models not by fighting technology, but by using technology rationally. Qiro is one of them. Qiro is a software-supported business model for the logistics industry. With Qiro, all software rights belong to Helmet, we are able to appeal to all players in the logistics industry. We offer the insurance potential arising from the activities of the logistics sector to our customers with the most comprehensive and fastest solutions and aim to activate this potential.”

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