With the latest acquisitions of ITT Logistics, its fleet is now 100% Renault Trucks

30 Ağustos 2021
With the latest acquisitions of ITT Logistics, its fleet is now 100% Renault Trucks

The fleet of ITT Logistics consists of Renault Trucks tow trucks with its latest purchases.

The fleet of ITT Logistics, which regularly invests in Renault Trucks vehicles every year, consists of Renault Trucks tow trucks with its latest purchases.

ITT Logistics has reached a single branded fleet with 25 Renault Trucks T460 4×2 ADR tractors that it has recently purchased. Thus, as of 2015, all 85 self-owned vehicles in the fleet of ITT Logistics, which regularly purchases vehicles from Renault Trucks, become Renault Trucks.

The first 10 vehicles were delivered to ITT Logistics Founding President Tekin Öztanık and General Manager Didem Öztanık within the scope of the new purchase. Renault Trucks Turkey Sales Director Ömer Bursalıoğlu, Renault Trucks Regional Manager Tolga Aykaç, Koçaslanlar Automotive Chairman Mahmut Koçaslan, General Manager Mesut Süzer, After Sales Services Director İsmail Alkan and Renault Trucks Financial Services Regional Sales Manager Çağrı Ayduğan attended the ceremony. It is reported that the remaining 15 vehicles will be delivered by September.

ITT Logistics Founding President Tekin Öztanık said, “We reach our goals with an organic growth every year. Compared to 2020, we recorded a growth of over 25 percent in the first half-year, and our target is to close the year with 30 percent growth. In this direction, we are both renewing and strengthening our vehicle park. Since 2015, we were planning to make our fleet a single brand with Renault Trucks, and we succeeded. Our satisfaction with Renault Trucks vehicles and after-sales services, and having a single-brand fleet will make our operations even easier.” by drawing attention to its regular growth strategies.

Tekin Öztanık stated that they continue their operations in the field of hazardous goods and chemical-dominated liquid transportation with 30% export, 70% service to the domestic market, mainly to Europe. Öztanık said; “With an average investment of 60 million TL, we launched our new storage area in Kocaeli, Şekerpınar. We increase our competitive power while providing value-added services to our customers by improving our business areas. We differ in the industry. Companies that were our competitors in the past have now become our customers who benefit from some of the solutions we offer. During all these developments, being able to work with a solution partner you trust in our transportation activities eases our workload considerably. For this reason, we continue our transportation operations with Renault Trucks in an extremely efficient manner.” while stating that they evaluated the pandemic period by investing in new business development models and service areas such as storage, warehouse, tank rental, and maintenance.

Contribution to sustainability through fuel savings with Renault Trucks

Tekin Öztanık mentions that with Renault Trucks tow trucks, they save at least 2 points of fuel; “When we consider our entire fleet, it means that we can save 170,000 liters of fuel annually. This is a saving that cannot be underestimated in terms of carbon emissions and footprints. Of course, it also provides an advantage in terms of cost, but it is also of great importance for our Company’s sustainable policies. On the other hand, the fact that all of our vehicles are Euro 6 supports this situation. Even in Europe, there are only a few companies whose fleets consist of Euro 6 vehicles in the field we serve.”

Young fleet of ITT Logistics

The vehicles in ITT’s fleet offer service with an average age of 3 years. This means trouble-free, efficient, and environmentally-friendly vehicles. ITT Logistics is also very satisfied with the second-hand value of Renault Trucks tow trucks.

We achieved a 25 percent increase this year in terms of employment

The comfort of the driver is very important in the transportation of hazardous goods. Didem Öztanık explains as follows: “We regularly increase our workforce to respond to demands in line with our growth strategies. Today, when it is difficult to find a qualified driver, we attach importance to the equipment of the vehicles to both protect the qualified driver and minimize driver-related errors. In this direction, we also consider the satisfaction of our drivers with the comfort and performance of the vehicles. All of our drivers are very happy to be on the road with Renault Trucks tractors.”

Renault Trucks Turkey Sales Director Ömer Bursalıoğlu evaluated the cooperation in delivery; “ITT Logistics is an expert company in its field, which is extremely controlled yet regularly growing. As the solution partner of ITT Logistics, we believe that we have contributed to the growth process as well as witnessing it. We have achieved successful momentum together. If it were not so, our cooperation today would not have continued in this success. We stand by them with all our support so that they can gain an advantage in total cost of ownership as well as their satisfaction with our vehicles.”

ITT continues to purchase with RTFS solutions

ITT Logistics General Manager Didem Öztanık said, “We have established strong cooperation with Renault Trucks, which offers financial solutions, as well as with RTFS, which offers financial solutions. With RTFS, we provide operational convenience and advantages in every aspect. While reaching all solutions in a single structure, we also provide ease of payment and low-interest rates in loan processes.” by mentioning that Renault Trucks Financial Services (RTFS) always purchases vehicles with financing products.

Mahmut Koçaslan, Chairman of Koçaslanlar Automotive stated, “ITT Logistics continues to develop by offering not only logistics but also many ancillary services. For this reason, we aim to be able to take loads from their superiors in the logistics department and to ensure that their fleets continue their operations without any problems. We have achieved a regular and efficient workflow in our after-sales services. Thus, we ensure that the vehicles continue their duties without any problems.”

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