Dinçer Lojistik’ten 100 milyon TL’lik yatırım hamlesi Dinçer Lojistik’ten 100 milyon TL’lik yatırım hamlesi

ECS International Transport, which specializes in land transportation to Scandinavian countries, invests in its fleet with Renault Trucks T series tractors.

ECS International Transport's operations continue to be almost 100% Scandinavian founded in 2006 with transportation experiences dating back to 1995. Ecs, which is very satisfied with the efficiency of Renault Trucks tow trucks on these routes with difficult road and initial conditions, receives 10 Renault Trucks T 460, X-Low 4×2 tow trucks with its new investments.

While Avni Akyüz, ECS International Transport Chairman of the Board of Directors and Yaşar Akyüz, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, took delivery of their new vehicles at Koçaslanlar Automotive Hadımköy facility, Koçaslanlar Automotive General Manager Mesut Süzer and Hadımköy Branch Manager Ahmet Sezer also delivered.

Avni Akyüz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ECS International Transportation, which carries partial transportation for many loads such as automotive spare parts, machinery, ship industry, chemicals, said, "We received our first Renault Trucks tow trucks in 2016 and then continued our regular purchases. 85% of our fleet consists of Renault Trucks tow trucks with a total of 37 vehicles including our new vehicles. We are taking firm steps towards having a single-brand fleet in line with our satisfaction. Thus, we increase our efficiency with the operational convenience we provide."

Akyüz mentioned that they still use Renault Trucks Premium tow trucks, which are at 800 thousand km in their fleet; "We had no problems with these vehicles despite their high mileage. Normally, we take care to keep our fleet young, but there is no need to renew it unless we have a decrease in performance and problems with the vehicles."

Renault Trucks T tow trucks have high fuel economy

ECS International Transport Executive Vice President Yasar Akyüz said, "The fuel economy offered by our Renault Trucks tow trucks with an 11-liter engine reflects positively on our cost tables. We can always keep fuel savings at the optimum point with the effect of the regular service we receive from Koçaslanlar Otomotiv." while noting the importance of fuel cost in demanding road and weather conditions

All of our vehicles: X-Low

Yaşar Akyüz stated that they prefer Renault Trucks T series tow trucks as X-Low because they use mega trailers for partial transport. They mentioned that they gained an advantage with these preferences in order to provide maximum freight transportation.

Avni Akyüz stated that since 2018, they have regularly received after-sales service from Renault Trucks authorized dealer Koçaslanlar Otomotiv; "It is an issue that fleets know very well, but we would like to point out anyway. As well as vehicle performance and efficiency, after-sales services from manufacturers are vital for the logistics sector. No matter how good the vehicle is, it has no value when it is not supported by after-sales services. We have difficult processes to deliver our cargo without disruption. Our vehicles play a big role in preventing interruptions in these processes. Thanks to the fast and attentive maintenance and repair services we receive from Renault Trucks and Koçaslanlar Otomotiv, we never get behind in our way."

Koçaslanlar Automotive Chairman Mahmut Koçaslan said, "We would like to thank ECS International Transportation, which prefers Renault Trucks and Koçaslanlar Otomotiv, for its satisfaction with vehicle performance, sales, and after-sales services. ECS, which consists of 85% of its fleet of Renault Trucks vehicles, regularly receives its after-sales services from Koçaslanlar Otomotiv. We know that the "Absolute Customer Satisfaction" approach of Koçaslanlar, especially in after-sales services, is also effective in its stable preferences. We offer solutions by understanding our customers and creating a sense of trust to always provide a healthy after-sales service. It is our motivation that all our work to offer our customers a lasting advantage and reduce their operating costs is appreciated with regular purchases, as in ECS International Transportation."

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